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‘LEADERS AND SHAPERS”               October 2010

Inspiration introductory thought for my blog stems from a Hillsong Business Life course I visited in 2010, set up by Bec Newton and Van Dijk.  What they spoke about, with such passion, that I cannot help but share:

Quote: “Shaping you future self, Shaping your today, Shaping how other people see you, Shaping how others see themselves’.

Question – “Who Do You Want To Be?”

Question – “Where Do You Want To Go?”

Quote: “Be purposeful about what fills your life. Be clear about what you are doing.  Choose your attitude for today”.

“Become the people who DECIDE TO GENERATE CHANGE. What’s your VISION?”

“Why Does It Matter?

“What Footprint Will You Leave Behind?


thursdays afternoon curiosities   January 2012

today I am sitting at my desk, wondering what challenge I am facing at the moment and then which I need to tackle head on first?  Is it to start up this Etsy page of mine, which of course I need to do.  Is it to get my paintings onto the saatchi website, which equally is quite exciting, as it is 'Saatchi & Saatchi' after all.  Is it to sort out ideas for the website - yes this is also very important.  Is it to organise my life, into its little piles, which I normally do do but then once I have done that, I tend to put the piles back on top of each other, which is not the greatest working method of all, and wouldn’t recommend this to anyone! Wow so many so many to do lists, yikes, how does one cope, then its my reading list which keeps on growing and growing and growing.

About business and so fourth, I thought I would share a few of my reading material - 'How to start a business with no money' by Jonathan Yates, 'How to be a time master' by Ian Cooper, 'Self-Confidence' by Paul McGee, 'How to understand accounts' by David Rouse, '401 questions every entrepeneur should ask' by Silvester.  One I have started and read (almost all of) is 'One in a million' by Priscilla Shirer ... such a gorgeously beautiful book which makes you feel all special inside ;-)


craft'ing ... May 2012

The new word on my street is ' craft', whether it's stitching, crochet, embroidery, knitting ... its all in the name of 'hand made' - which I just love!  There's nothing quite like 'hand-made', it just seems to beat anything mass produced.

Each item hand-made, comes with it's uniqueness, it's little flaws, a little rough around the edges yet totally and utterly beautiful because the thought has been created from someone's heart, plus the amount of time it has taken to create such a piece.  The best thing about it is you won't find another like it in the world ... like our own unique handcrafted selves!

craft for me is in my blood ... this all originated from my mother who I believe is a crafter extroadinaire’.  We, my sisters and I, all had the pleasure of growing up, surrounded by her extraordinary talent for crochet, knitting, embroidery, door dogs, faces made from dough, our cute little Mr Men dresses were by far the best!, not to mention our amazingly decorated bedrooms with hand sewn duvet covers, curtains, rag rugs in the living room and our stylish one of a kind fancy-dress outfits.  Especially when we were dressed up as cats with big whiskers and cute fluffy tails!

Some of these memories I am pleased to admit, are far too embedded in my brain to ever forget, and I hope, I never will, so that one day, I too can carry it on into my own little family.


“love is in the air”       January 2013

spread it, eat it, chew it, digest it, share it, can’t buy it, but it is for free, share it, ponder on it, choose it, expand it, large it up, except it, take it, build it, it xxx


the red period …      May 2013

It is born out of colour, passion, creative expression, development stages of creating new design, illustration, capturing an image, shape, form, simplicity, stillness.

It is born out from a desire to create – just because.

It is born out from an idea, a concept, a thought, a notion.

It is born out of nothing and into something.

It is now some thing.


post Turkey and Istanbul express …   July 2013

Aboard the ten fifty five plane from Gatwick and arrive into Istanbul at four forty five.  Munching food consists of a recipe of tomato, aubergine and white cheese and a can of Efes beer – just delightful.

We hop on a train, then a tram, then a ferry from Eminonu heading straight to Kadikoy.  The sounds of crashing waves, seagulls and call to prayer is a true harmony to my ears.  As I know my vacation has finally arrived.

Its not too long before the sun is setting and the streets are filled with a warm hazy sunshine glow.  A dish of fried fishes served with greens and onion turns into a light evening meal and there ends a long adventurous day. 


Pioneering for a cause greater than ourselves            June 2014

Here are some wonderful examples:

 A21 – www.thea21campaign.org

Q: “Taking a stand against sexual exploitation”

Watoto – www.watoto.com

Q: “Rescue, Raise, Rebuild” – helping orphans in Uganda.

Daughters of Cambodia – www.daughtersofcambodia.org

Q: “Changing lives for victims of traffickers” by selling handicrafts and rebuilding livelihoods.

The Fairtrade Foundation – www.fairtrade.org.uk

Q: “This is all about better prices, decent working conditions, local sustainability, and fair terms of trade for farmers and workers in the developing world”.

Made-By - www.made-by.org

Q: This is a “European not-for-profit organisation, acting to improve environmental and social conditions within the fashion industry”.

Enough Food If – www.enoughfoodif.org

Deciding to put an end to global hunger through the ‘IF Campaign’.

Hugh Fearnley-Whittingstall + his Fish fight Campaign –     www.fishfight.net

A campaign to fight against the unnecessary waste of dead fish and discard, which ends up getting thrown back into the ocean, due to EU Laws.


Its amazing what can happen when people actively get together for a greater cause that's bigger then themselves.  When the power of people campaign together with one cause in mind.  Where people get together and decide to make a difference, decide to bring change where change is needed.  Where the forgotten are no longer forgotten but are actually helped, encouraged, fed, watered and taken care of.  Where people choose to help and assist rather than cross to the other side, turn and look the other way and do nothing.


Homegrown Sunday Market Capers       November 2014

Having such fun at the Homegrown market in Shoreditch.  Meeting new designers and contacts including Amaramao.  It’s a great vibe with lots of very interesting independent boutique labels.

Finding new and existing customers is always quite a buzz, especially when I hear great feedback about my designs and handicrafts.


Twelve Days Of Christmas, my true love sent to me       December 2014

At No 12 – A lavender scented ‘Heart Cushion’

At No 11 – An Upcycled ‘Benjamin Bunny’

At No 10 - A ‘Bobby’ Vest for the Boys

At No 9‘Red Heart Dress’ – to party the night away in

At No 8‘Rose + Burt Collectibles’

At No 7‘Long Patent Clutch’ – the stylish addition to any outfit.

At No 6 – Eco-friendly ‘Black Arrow Tee’.  For the Eco-Warrior in You.

At No 5 – A creation26 classic ‘V Top’.  Be Cool.  Be Sexy.

At No 4‘Love Tee for A21’ – Share the love by spreading the message of the A21 Campaign.  (Q: “A21 exists to abolish injustice in the 21st century”)

At No 3‘Eat Cherries’ Recycled Shopper.  Promoting good old fashioned healthy eating and well being.

At No 2 – Eco-friendly ‘Neon Pink Chow on White’ tee.  Happy chatting.  Happy communicating.  Happy connecting.

At No 1‘Cross Tee’.  A colourful t.shirt for both Men and Women.  Let’s spread the message of Peace, Joy, Kindness, Goodness, Humility, Faithfulness and above all, Love.


The Ethical Fashion Source       February 2015

Diary Date: 26th and 27th Feb.

Quote – “We are excited to be representing creation26 at SOURCE Brand Preview next week.  Hundreds of fashion professionals are attending the event from around the globe”.

Allocated exhibitor slot: Day 1. 12.30-1.30 PRINT.

Official hashtag for the event: hashtagBrand Preview@ethicalfashionf


Yippppppppppeeeeeeeeeeeeee *-*


Alma Street Fair     July 2015

Its always a wonderful occasion.  A time of year when all the locals of NW5 get busy making, organising, gathering, baking, creating and so on.  Then it all cracks off on one summer’s day from 12 midday until 7pm late.

There is always live music playing, lots to eat, drink and be merry.  A perfect place to dance your heart away, get the kids involved with some face painting – it really is a family affair, a community celebration.  People sell their bric-a-brack as well as handmade items.  There is such a creative hub of excitement due to the variety of talent.  Artists, painters, poets, designers, t.shirt and tote printers – including the well known NW5 tote.  Cakes, brownies, muffins, and gluten free are all for sale.  So much to absorb, sample, taste and enjoy.

Its great to have a stall, show off my new work, connect, share my own story and passion with people that pass by.