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Sustainable Fashion Range




This natural Eco tote bag is printed with black ink, which is from the 'Salvage range', created from fibres found on the cutting room floor. 100% recycled. Screen printed in the UK using water based inks rather than with chemicals so environmentally friendly.

​Great for using as a day to day carry bag. Or as an addition to pop inside your main bag, for as and when you need it.
Dimensions are: natural - 40 x 36 x 6cm.
Save the climate, wash in a cool 30 degree heat, line dry.

The print was created using non toxic water based inks which are environmentally friendly. (This means they do not contain ozone-depleting chemicals as well as lead or any heavy metals).

The t-shirts are made up of 100% Organic Cotton.
'Earth Positive and Climate Neutral'. 'Manufactured solely using renewable green energy from wind and solar power'.
'Save the Climate. Wash cool and Line Dry'. Screen printed in the Uk.

Story behind the Chow print - "Well, I like to be different. I created this print as it makes me think of the Italian way to say Hello - 'Ciao'. I think its cool, and a great way to greet friends. But rather than use the literal sense, I wrote it 'Chow'. A few people often say to me - well that spells food. Perhaps it does, but to me it says 'hello, hello, hello."

Story behind the bird print - I have used birds as a theme ever since I presented my first main fashion collection for Hillsong in 2008. Not predominantly organised by Hillsong Church, but through friends at Hillsong. We together worked on a fashion event called 'Hope Cambodia' and set out to raise money for Cambodia. For a mens t.shirt design, I created a tee with birds flying over the right shoulder. When screen printing, this design is not so easy to recreate. So these birds are within an A3 parameter. A flock huddled together - so to speak"

Story behind the arrow print ..... "We have so many choices in life, so many decisions to make, so many given directions and possible outcomes - each day can be confusing, life changing, a gamble, we never really know the possible outcome until we take the risk, or faith, or choice, and do it. Some lead downwards, some lead upwards, some lead us into a spiral of confusion. But we still have to make them. This is the story of arrows"

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