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The local artists and product makers Pop Up in Kentish Town.

Michael Ptootch, for as long as I have known him, is the King of Kentish Town art happenings. When it comes to celebrating art, networking, bringing people together, orchestrating events and local art extravaganza's - it's just what he does best. Well on top of cutting hair, in all it's finery!

I had the pleasure of meeting Michael for the first time, introduced through my sister (who's also an artist - you can see her work here, quite a number of years ago when she was having her hair cut regularly at Michael Ptootch's hair salon along Kentish Town high street. Sadly his hair salon is no longer where it used to be, and 'Everlasting Casting' (casting's of babies feet/ hands etc) has taken over. However his hair cutting skills are still very present and active.

I always remember walking home, and walking past Michael's hair salon, at various times, but particularly on the opening nights of the various exhibitions of artists presenting their work. I remember the noise, the general buzz of something exciting that's happening inside the premises. Or watching the people coming and going, or entering, usually with someone on the door, checking who's allowed in. I always thought it was a little like the time I was in New York, thinking of all the wild art parties that would have happened there in the 1960's, with Andy Warhol's warehouse extravaganza's and Eddie Sedgwick. Mirrored walls. Yayoi Kusama dancing in the streets, covered in dots, the live art happenings that were so well known in the 60's.

I find, it's one thing to wonder what's happening inside? It's another thing to be the one actually showing my own work inside. Never would I of thought this would of happened. (With thanks to my sister that encouraged me to ask!)

Since that moment, it's been great to be plugged into Michael's own art happening's and shin digs. There's definitely been a few. At Alma Street Fair over the years. I can honestly say it's been a grand community affair.

So of course I was beyond grateful when I was invited to bring my items down to the Christmas Pop Up. What a great end to 2023.

Such a cool collection of Art on show, including paintings, limited edition screen prints, furniture, lighting, screen printed t.shirts including some of creation26 range of fair-trade t.shirts and tote bags.

My sister and I had decided a small while back, to get together to create screen prints.

When @Bobbinhood ( aka Barbara de Ru, decided to close her online shop, this, as far as my sister and I were aware, that was the last opportunity to purchase these special stencilling sheets, used to cut out your designs and then screen print with. Bobbinhood often create these eye catching stories. Inviting you into the colourful process. Barbara always makes it look so incredibly easy, especially when using these sheets. A perfect design for creating prints using screens and ink.

Basically, we jumped in, bought the sheets and then booked in a day late last summer and finally got to work, creating new designs. It turned out to be such an exciting day. A friend of Tor's had also popped over. Such a buzz, the three of us creating screen prints.

The 'Flower Pot' design was created out of this. Amazingly, the 'Pot' print in the black frame, as well as 2 men's tee's, found happy new homes. So thankful for this.

The last bit of good news is possibly teaming up with Josephine, clothes upcycler (see pic of grey top with white trim) and vintage clothes seller. A like minded female entrepreneur like myself. With a passion for fashion, upcycling, customising and working for yourself.

Will see what magic can unfold. With Sustainability at the heart, and pieces to sell, perhaps a collaborative PopUp - with other sustainably sourced brands. Perhaps a styled photo shoot between creation26 and Josephine?

This is a link to her instagram page: www.instagram,com/phenebambini

Here's to exciting projects, connecting with the local community and seeking new customers.

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