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Frequently Asked Questions


Can I return it if I change my mind?

We offer a 21 day exchange policy on our Etsy shop.  Items need to be returned in their original condition.  Bespoke orders not included.


Will it cost me anything?

You will need to cover the costs of shipping the item(s) back as well as posting out the new item.

What happens if the package gets damaged in the posting process?

Please document with photographs and email them through so we can try our best to sort it out.

Should I use a trackable postage method during shipment?

We are not responsible for lost or damaged items.  This way it's easier for you to track your package online.


What Postal Service do you use?

We use Royal Mail for deliveries within the UK and aim to deliver between 2 - 3 days, as long as the item is in stock. For International postage rates and delivery times, please email for further information.


What about posting insurance?

This is not included in the price.  Customers are responsible for sorting out taxes and duties where applicable.


What happens if I want to order a unique bespoke order?

For 'Made to Order' items, please email specifications.  Allow 21 days. No refunds are offered.


How ethical are you with postage + packaging?

We aim to recycle where possible to minimise excess waste.  





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