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From an early age, I had a passionate interest in ethical practices and products, ever since I invested in a book called 'The Green Consumer's Super-Market guide to shopping' by John Elkington and Julia Hailes.  

It made me pause and think about the reality of manufacturing products and its processes.

The opening page writes (quoted from the Sunday Times), "We are all polluters on this planet. We burn fossil fuels, we create waste, we ravage earths resources with little or no regard for the consequences".

I am a firm believer in where and how we choose to shop has a greater impact on the world and its resources. I believe that God has entrusted us with the earth's resources and to be good stewards of it.  When we think of one another with kindness and compassion and use these resources to the maximum effort and minimise waste, then hopefully the 'cause and effect', for example, when we recycle, when we choose to actively reduce the amount of harmful chemicals in the manufacturing processes, or pay a fair wage for a service or product, it really will make a difference and an impact into the lives of others.

creation26 chooses to: 

** Use tote bags created from the 'Salvage Range - a new fibre created from discarded off-cuts left over from the production line - thus minimising waste buildup which might end up in landfill.

** Actively use water based inks which are better for the environment.  Unlike commonly used spirit based inks which can be damaging to plants as they can contain heavy metals and produce hazardous waste.


** We use Recycled Papers to print our gyclee Art Prints.

** Limited batch quantities of our hand printed items using the Lino hand carved methods.  The products available are our notebooks made from Recycled Papers, as well as the Art Prints, printed onto 140 gsm acid free recycled paper created with the CupCycling technology.

Become a part of the story by choosing to invest in beautifully designed products which give back to the world, and regularly takes conscious efforts to 'be a good steward of this beautiful planet'.

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