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Sisterhood is just around the corner

Sisterhood Colour Conference is just a few days away …. and I can’t wait!!

Wake up call to serve on team tomorrow from 8am to 8pm and then the following day and the day after, but what a good sacrifice!!

Lately I have been involved with painting palettes, hammering in nails, painting letters …. in general, getting covered in paint, but its so worth it.

Being on the creative team is such a great team to be on. With Joel, Blanca, Brenda, possibly Kris Keys, and the rest of the creative bunch, ooops forgot everyones names, but all the same, I do hope you can make it.  If not, there is always Kiev or next year, but it surely is worth a visit!  Am sure it will leave you hooked.

Flowers, Wisdom, Empowering, Great Speakers, Great messages.

Bobbie Houston, Christine Caine, Lisa Bevere, Priscilla Shirer, Holly Wagner, Beth Moore, Wendy Treat, Caroline Burns and Dr Caroline Leaf.

Join the tweeting conversation …  @colourconf // #ColourConf //

“COLOUR twenty13″ – PEACE . LIGHT. LOVE.

as Bobbie always says … “Flourish, baby flourish!”


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