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A brilliantly red vibe

Red is the colour of confidence.

Red is eye catching.

Red is brilliantly bright.

Here in the shop of goodies at creation26, we have a funky phone case, made out of a theme with nature, fine art and branches.  A detailed study that I drew whilst being away on holiday with my grannie in Greece.

The beauty about using Society6 is, rather than buy into a mass made product, you just buy when you feel like it, and support artists in the process.  This means that it does essentially reduce landfill as the artist/ designer doesn’t have to produce a minimum run of 1000 items and then worry about whether 1000 items can be sold.  It’s great too in the way that it brings diversity to the artists own talents and abilities, as rather than just being a 2 dimensional artist, you are now able to hone your designs into new areas of productivity through t.shirts, tote bags, cards, pillows, phone covers.  The list is endless.

Also in the shop, we have a beautiful bright red shopper that you can easily pop into your main bag, just for those ‘as and when’ moments.  For the days when you need a few groceries and decide that rather to use plastic bags, you can help the environment by using this tote.  With this lovely design of mushrooms in a contrasting white screenprint, it’s eye catching and cheerful.   Especially on days like today when it’s wet and rainy.

On those days when you need a card to write a beautiful message to a loved one,  what a way to do it. This unique design of an illustrated face.

Last but not least, a cute little bespoke and hand made bunny.  A sure hit for those expectant mummy’s.  Bespoke, I think, is a great way to create something unique – a beautiful collaboration between designer and maker, or an idea into a reality.

There you have it.

Until next time folks.

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