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a chipsy kind of day

Following on from the ‘red’ theme, after a recent (and totally beau) trip to Macedonia, particularly Skopje, Lake Ohrid and Struga, the colours that particularly stand out are that of the flag – predominantly red and yellow.  These particular images jump out at me.

‘chipsy‘ – a well loved food out there (it seemed), with its super ‘pop art’ feel to the packaging design.  ultra groovy too!

This man just happened to be ‘caught in the moment’, so to speak, and even though I did feel somewhat cheeky, taking this picture without asking, it just seemed like the most ‘treasured’ moment to capture him, right there and then … so in that case, I say THANK-YOU ;-

This picture (below) , I took whilst wandering around the ever so quaint and peaceful town that surrounds ‘Lake Ohrid’.  (My hubby always makes me laugh, as he tends to find the humour in many things including saying it like its called ‘Lake Horrid’ – which it never could be as its a very beautiful lake and a must visit – but it’s just because it sounds like this!).

The gardens were scattered with the most beautiful and rich colours of red tulips and yellow daffodils.  

Whenever I think of summer, its a time of richness in all the vibrancy of colours everywhere, in the gardens, in the cheerfulness of people wearing bright things, and in the smiles of people everywhere.  a time of coming out from hibernation, putting those thick woolly jumpers and raincoats away, grabbing your ‘sunnies’ and heading out to the fields to watch little bunnies jump about on the heath, and gather daisy’s to make a pretty flower chain.

What a blessing to live in a world such as this 😉

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