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Today I have decided to look at the abstract'ness, of images that I have photographed along the way. I really like black and white bold images, it's like being back at art college where you have the complete freedom to create marks on paper but without criticism of the marks you might create, but just a sense of fun and finding fulfillment in getting 'all creative'.

With a large bold brush and some thick black paint, or with chinese black ink and a watercolour brush, or even with a thick slab of charcoal.

When we look out onto a field, we see a tree, a stick with a curly blob on the top, we see flowers, some straight, some curly, some with large simple petals, some with many petals, some with closed buds. all are a mass of colour - but if that was taken away, I MEAN 'WOW' - imagine a world without colour and all we had was black and white and lots of grey tones everywhere. I begin to wonder how we would feel from the inside ... would we really be able to enjoy the 'here and now' more than what we really have here in the 'right here, right now, so to speak!

Going back to the text of bold black and white imagery, I guess life is easier to capture if it's a little more abstract looking. say I wanted to draw a bird, but my drawings were not so strong, but I decided to focus on its shape rather than it's content, therefore I may find it easier to get my own top marks in accomplishing the outline of that bird. I really like this bold image (above/below right) found on an underpass in Krakow - they seemed to go on forever, almost as long in dimensions as 'guernica', (although not as much detail), kind of more like a matisse painting. I guess a little more primitive looking like children having fun on a wall with paint in hand. A quick sketch can be drawn to capture an image, mood, feeling, a movement. With shading, adding thin pencil lines or brash bold sweeping marks. Sometimes these images are better to illustrate than the final image.

This black blob painting (above/top left) I found in the Saatchi gallery, Kings road, one day out wandering on a ever so special day. Its an amazing gallery, a space for art, a space in itself with so much light that really compliments the work. The artist I am afraid, I do not remember, as I photographed the image but didn't take the leaflet or purchase the book. However I wanted to include it with the collection of images here because I just love the simplicity of it.

(Photographs/ sketch includes: looking through past images, a sketch of mine, abstract, showing dimension, perspective, angle / bold black and white abstract flower pattern / these wooden figures - a picture taken in Poland, almost 'puppet like' caricature's, with musical instruments in hand / abstract black blob painting).

Note: Original post created May 2012 - for Wordpress site/ blog change over.

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