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Loving all things red

so ... the question is, what is the fascination with the colour red? I tend to use it alot, its so vibrant, vivid, striking, gingham especially has that very cute country cottage feel to it, very homemade.

red can be sexy, powerful, noticeable. - this is one of the most powerful websites set up - a universal project "fighting for an aids free generation" - sure is inspiring to be a part of a bigger picture. When people collaborate, join together for one cause, who knows what can come out of it?

there are so many products out there defined by its colour .... ketchup, kitkat, coca cola are to name a few.

a red heart beats, red blood splatters, red thread connects, red wire bends, a red letter is written with passion.

note: First written in 2012 for Wordpress Site - new pictures added for this site/ blog change over.

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