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Label Yourselves With?

WHICH WORDS DO YOU USE TO LABEL YOURSELF??? .... Anointed? ... Down Trodden? .... Loved? .... Ignored?... Cherished? .... Forgotten? ... Leader or a Follower? .... LABEL YOURSELVES IN RIGHTEOUSNESS .... FULL OF GRACE AND UNMERITED FAVOUR ... BE ALL YOU CAN BE IN YOUR LIFE ... SOAR LIKE EAGLES... RUN YOUR OWN RACE WITH A WHOLE LOT OF 'UMPH', PERSEVERE, DREAM, JUST BE THE YOU THAT GOD CREATED YOU TO BE .... loved, cherished, anointed self!!! ... Gary Clarke .... one profound message today ;-) ... "equals a whole lot of good food for thought" stay blessed and keep smiling :-)

Photographs include:

JOY JOY JOY pen sketch (featured in one of my paintings/work), walking in complete freedom - left to explore this beautiful world, pen/pencil sketch (CSM drawing studies) - Being happy, Moroccan sun - Gods glory shining on us all

*-*, a sunflower shooting higher than the rest - Umbria 2012, the beautiful blue sky.

Note: Wordpress blog, July 2012, new picture of sky added/ blog change over.

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